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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

Missional Churches

Missional Churches (MC) are the primary expression of what it means to be “church” together. When followers of Jesus work together to grow in their own life with God (worship), love each other well (community), trust God in all aspects of life (surrender), and intentionally love a pocket of our city (mission) then they are the church.

Each MC is focused around a particular neighborhood or network of people in Miami and our goal is to start and multiply these “micro” churches all over our city and region.

Our community’s Rhythm of Life keeps us grounded in practicing the way of Jesus in our MCs. We grow as apprentices of Jesus as we practice his way with others, instead of trying to do it on our own. We seek to have a good mix of safety and stretching – it’s safe to be vulnerable, but the stretching happens as we take new challenging steps with Jesus. 

MCs are not primarily a Bible study, although we will be talking about Scripture and how it impacts our lives. MCs are not primarily a prayer group, although we will spend time in prayer and opening ourselves to the Spirit. MCs are not primarily a sharing group, although we will be sharing what we’re learning. 

MCs are the church living out the core values of Jesus together and extending the love of Christ to a particular pocket of people in Miami.

Each MC has its own unique schedule, so please email Matt Alexander if you are interested in learning more about being part of a Missional Church.

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