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Advent: Preparing for Kairos

Rhythm Team

The New Testament uses two words for “time” – chronos and kairos. Chronos is where the word “chronological” comes from. When we ask, “What time is it?” we’re talking about chronos time.

But kairos is referring to a different kind of time. It’s a moment in time – a moment that forms and shapes us. It is a moment or season that offers new possibilities. It is an opportune time where God is getting our attention. How we respond to these pregnant kairos moments largely shapes the type of people that we become.

During the season of Advent this year, we will explore the kairos moments for individuals and communities who experienced the first coming of Jesus. If you want to go deeper in this sermon series, we encourage you to use the Advent Devotional Guide in your daily time with God throughout the Advent season.


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