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Dial In For Justice

Rhythm Team

In light of Eric Garner’s death and other cases that have come to surface about the treatment of black people in our country, Rhythm is hosting a Dial-In for Justice this Saturday morning at 10 am in the chapel. We’re going to pray together since we believe prayer is a powerful weapon and one of primary means by which God brings his kingdom. We will then be calling the U.S. Department of Justice to express our desire, as a community of faith, to see systemic reforms to policing in America.

We will also take some time on Saturday to listen, learn, and share. We understand that for many in our community, especially our African-American members, the emotion is raw and the discouragement may seem ever-present. In humility, we want to open our hearts and minds to listening and learning from one another. We are called to be a church that embodies and displays the good news of how God is reconciling us to himself and one another. Such a display is deeply needed in this moment.

We expect the event to last one hour. Cell phones are needed to participate, and a script will be provided for the phone call. If you have any questions, please contact Liz Matos.

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