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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

A Sense of the Spirit for 2013

Rhythm Team

Making Spirit-led decisions in community is tough work, but the New Testament speaks of it as the normal way that the church should function together. Acts tells us that when the early church had to make decisions that effected the entire community, they discerned together until they were able to say, “It seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us” (Acts 15:28).

Rhythm Church went through a similar process of discernment during this past fall so that we could acknowledge what God had been up to in our midst and seek guidance on where the Spirit is leading us this upcoming year. It involved a lot of prayer, listening, sharing, questioning, reflecting, and waiting on God to bring clarity. The points below are the areas that the community sensed the Spirit leading us to pay particular attention to during 2013. Each point has a few practical ways that we are seeking to live out the vision for this year.

Equipping, training, and discipleship in spiritual and missional formation
1. This discipleship should primarily occur in Community Groups
2. Use the Rule of Life as our primary discipleship tool
3. Share stories of transformation more often in Public Worship

Continue pursuing and deepening in the richness of the historic church, especially in Scripture and the Church Calendar
1. Developing a Church Calendar team to guide and lead us
2. Use the Rule of Life for teaching on foundational Scriptural practices
3. Resource leaders and the community on the Christian calendar

Disciple leaders in Rhythm more strategically and intentionally in the character of Jesus and the skills of Jesus
1. Begin bi-monthly leadership trainings
2. Each leader meets consistently with a Pastor, Guidance Team member, or CG Coordinator for coaching
3. Resource leaders with “being, knowing, and doing” values

Pursue healing for the broken-hearted in our church and the city by practicing forgiveness and conflict resolution well
1. Continue teaching on forgiveness, reconciliation, and conflict resolution in Public Worship and other community settings
2. Encourage dialogue about how reconciliation can practically happen

Pursue and develop intentional and tangible ways of being present in South Miami
1. Deepen existing connections with Branches, Wednesday night homeless dinner, South Miami Community Center, and Orlando Mendez’s homeless ministry
2. Praying about future initiatives – Baby/Kids Goods Exchange, service projects, Akil’s birthday dinner

Emphasize and grow in seeking God’s presence together
1. Prayer team equips leaders and others to pray with one another
2. Pray and worship more consistently in Community Groups
3. Resource leaders and congregation on spiritual practices

Develop sustainability in our leadership, decision-making process, and finances
1. Add Guidance Team members by end of 2013 summer
2. Develop Financial Team and a Reserves account
3. Engage more people in the fall discernment process

Continue being counter-cultural by pursuing deep relationships and togetherness in our community
1. Offer Divine Dance to not just those being baptized but also those who want more intentional mentorship
2. Make mentoring and discipleship a key priority for all leaders

Express ourselves in worship in more authentic and diverse ways
1. Develop a Community Group that focuses on worship and reaching musicians
2. Incorporate more people and expression in Public Worship (music, art, liturgy, etc.)
3. Resource leaders and congregation in worship expressions and practices

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